Where Will They Park?


The Delaware Supreme Court penalized us $176,670.47 for expressing our 1st Amendment Rights!

A Delaware woman is held personally responsible for $176,670.47 because she complained to her government.

Three members of a Delaware Limited Liability Company (LLC) are held personally responsible for $176,670.47 when Delaware Law (6 Del. C. ยง 18-303) states no member of an LLC may be found personally liable in contract, tort, or otherwise for acts taken within the scope of the LLC.

The Delaware Supreme Court failed to correct the actions of a lower court judge who didn't like our "conduct as a whole" even though we did nothing illegal. This same judge can't read a deed and thinks you can park in an area designated by deed "for driveway purposes."

What does this mean for you?

If a judge thinks you are "overbearing", "intimidating" and/or "harassing" (with no proof of criminal activity),
he can make you pay the attorney who sued you. And the attorney can charge you for as many hours as they'd like, just along as their hourly rate is "reasonable."

And on appeal, the Delaware Supreme Court will not reverse the subjective opinion and will most likely screw up more facts - like saying you own three buildings when you only own one.

The Delaware Supreme Court has failed the citizens of Delaware.