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We are the property and business owners of 1703 and 1709 Concord Pike in Wilmington, Delaware.

We oppose the change of use of 1707 Concord Pike from general office to light auto service (auto detailing).

It has been 558 weeks and 3 days since we first complained to New Castle County about this property.


On 10/24/2011 we saw the first abuse of our property occur. At this point the property owner of 1707 Concord Pike had been instructed not to operate the auto detailing business until final approvals had been given (according to the 10/4/2011 letter we received from the county).

Here is the security video of the1707 Concord Pike property owner working on customer's truck in our parking lot at 1703 Concord Pike.

This truck, which was doing business at 1707 Concord Pike, was parked in our parking lot at 1703 Concord Pike for over two hours. Not only is it on the wrong property, it is also parked incorrectly and blocking the driveway to the rear of our building.